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About Andrew 

Meet Andrew, a seasoned photographer and filmmaker with over 8 years of rich experience in the visual arts. His journey commenced at a young age when he delved into the world of Gopro edits for YouTube, igniting a passion for capturing moments and creating visually captivating content. Andrew's expertise extends beyond static frames, as he believes that motion pictures have the unique ability to convey a more profound narrative. Andrew's diverse skill set extends across various markets, including luxury real estate, product/commercial work, events and weddings. However, nothing ignites his passion quite like the thrill of nature and action sports photography and videography. Whether capturing the serenity of a mountain peak or the energy of an adrenaline-pumping moment in the surf, Andrew's heart lies in the dynamic and raw beauty of the natural world. His artistic prowess has been acknowledged with features in Session Magazine and Surfer Magazine, and he has worked with brands such as 4Ocean, Redbull & Surfrider foundation. He studied communication at UNH and later earned a Graphic Design degree from Southern New Hampshire University. Andrew's dedication to the craft is further evident in his role as the in-house media specialist for Summer Sessions, where he manages photos, videos, and social media, showcasing his versatile skills in the visual domain. 

In addition to his prowess behind the lens, Andrew also has experience in front of the lens as well. He was signed with Model Club Inc. in 2020 to early 2022, and then briefly with Front Management in Miami before returning to the Northeast, showcasing his versatility in both fashion and commercial modeling.  While Andrew's experience is relatively brief, and though the pandemic presented challenges, his passion for the industry are evident and he remains dedicated to exploring the dynamic world of modeling.

Beyond the visual arts and modeling, Andrew is also a skilled musician and DJ. His musical journey began at the age of 10 when he picked up the guitar, teaching himself the instrument with a little help from others. However, a new world opened up for him at the age of 12 when he discovered dance and house music. In 8th grade, he acquired his first DJ controller, and since then, he has masterfully mixed tracks together, getting lost in the contagious beat of deep house music. Andrew's passion for music, combined with his adept guitar skills and DJ prowess, adds a harmonious layer to his multifaceted artistic persona.

In his free time, you'll find him surfing, snowboarding, hiking, or skating. Andrew's love for the outdoors is complemented by his appreciation for good food, great coffee (& lots of it), and a constant exploration of new and diverse music.

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